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The traditional town of Fethiye is situated around a wide bay and comprises of stunning coastlines, dramatic mountain scenery, cultural heritage and of course excellent Turkish hospitality.  Fethiye town has a good selection of harbour-front restaurants and cafes and it is a pleasant way to spend a few hours of people watching or admiring the many boats and yachts moored in the harbour.

The old town of Fethiye (Paspatur) is the place to go for carpets and rugs, spices, leather, jewellery, clothes, watches and also the local Turkish bath. Paspatur also has plenty of bars and a great nightlife.

Fethiye is rich in history including castle ruins set on the hillside overlooking the bay and ancient Lycian rock tombs. Ruins of a Roman amphitheatre are located behind the harbour at the far end.

In the centre of Fethiye you will find a good selection of shops and also fruit and fish markets. The shops are open early morning until late at night. Sometimes a few shops close on Sundays.


The named Oludeniz means ‘dead sea’, and refers to its world famous blue lagoon, the most photographed beach in the world.  The blue lagoon is on the right side (follow the road) and the entrance is by a small turnstile where you pay a small fee as the lagoon is a protected area.

The main beach provides a range of water sports as well as a great place to soak up the sunshine.  It is also home to the paragliders, and you can watch them landing on the beach after flying off Babadag Mountain.


KayaKoy is an old Greek settlement 13km from Fethiye, built on the ruins of an ancient Lycian city. The village was vacated due to a population exchange treaty between Turkey and Greece in 1922 and today has the appearance of a ‘ghost town’ with the remains of churches and chapels, schools and many houses. There is a variety of BBQ restaurants where you can choose your meat and grill it yourself at your table.


Gocek is located between Dalaman and Fethiye and it is only 20 minutes from Fethiye.  There are many beautiful and expensive yachts moored in the marina which is capable of hosting around 1,500 yachts.

You can find and excellent choice of fresh seafood cuisine and it is a popular location for the rich and famous. There are many more restaurants and shops and also a small market every Sunday.


Hisaronu is a very lively resort which attracts families and party goers alike! It is located on the road from Fethiye to Oludeniz and is surrounded by mountains making it cooler in climate than Calis and Fethiye. You will find a large choice of entertainment including bars, clubs, and international cuisine.

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Saklikent Gorge is one of the deepest gorges in the world and the second deepest in Europe. In summer, once the winter snow has melted off the mountains, you can walk along the gorge, passing with the help of a guide, through the icy cold river.  Saklikent also has stalls selling souvenirs and several bars and restaurants for refreshments.

Yaka Park

Yaka park is a quiet, shaded area with handmade waterfalls and water gardens set in the mountains. You can sit beside the rivers and streams to enjoy a relaxing drink or use the restaurant to get a bite to eat.  You may even be offered a free drink if you can stay in the icy cold mountain water for 2 minutes. Be warned though – It is freezing!


This is one of the most popular tours and can be enjoyed by everyone.  Travel by air conditioned coach to Dalyan and then board the boat and cruise along the Dalyan River, passing the ancient city of Caunos and the amazing Lycian Rock Tombs along the way.  Arriving at the mud baths, be prepared to come out looking 19 years younger if you believe the stories! Also enjoy an open buffet lunch. Dalyan is the second largest beach in Turkey and you can relax and top up your tan.  You may also spot a Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead turtle) who still breed here. 

Tuesday & Sunday Market

The markets in Calis (Sunday) and Fethiye (Tuesday) offer an insight in to Turkish living. You can test your haggling skills with the stall holders selling anything from fruit and veg, to clothes and computer games.  The market also provides a great chance to sample the local Turkish pancakes.

Paspatur, Fethiye (Old Town)

Take a walk around the old streets in the centre of Fethiye.  The cobbled streets have plenty of character with lots of gift shops selling souvenirs, T-shirts and Turkish Delight.  Paspatur also has a great night life with a number of bars and restaurants to sit in and soak up the atmosphere. 

Fish Market

Situated in the centre of Fethiye the fish market is a unique experience and a chance to sample the days freshly caught seafood.  The market has a number of restaurants to pick from- all you have to do is pick one, take a card from the restaurant, then visit the square and choose the food you want the restaurant to prepare for you.  Mixed with a little live music this is a great way to sample Turkish life.

Turkish Bath

A great way to start the holiday is to have the ultimate spar experience.  A Turkish bath will prepare your skin for a week or two of tanning.  Start in the steam room to open yours pores, followed by a body scrub whilst lying on heated marble and finish off with a relaxing soap massage.  The Turkish bath leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.

Rock Tombs

The Lycian rock tombs have been carved in to the hillside of Fethiye and they overlook the bay itself.  A short walk (slightly uphill) takes you to the tombs and it also provides an excellent photo opportunity.

The surrounding towns of Calis Beach are easy to reach with the Dolmus (local bus) stopping at all the places below.  The destination can be seen by looking at the windscreen of the Dolmus.


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